See what's new about HODlersUnited and the HODU token.

Take part in the challenge and get free HODUs!


Participate in the HODlersUnited promotion and you can get free HODU coins. Remember that just by keeping HODU in your wallet you get rewards of 9% of the purchases/sales of the ecosystem.

You can participate in one of these two different ways:

  •   · Making a Youtube video
  •   · Posting a Twitter


The conditions for participation:



  • · Record a video review lasting at least 5 minutes, mention the mandatory points from the script.
  • · The video must be uploaded to your Youtube channel and reposted to your personal accounts on social networks (your personal account must have at least 200 friends/subscribers, your account must be at least a year old).
  • · The video language can be any
  • · To participate it is necessary to present the video through the special form.
  • · Video quality: minimum 720p
  • · The video should collect 25+ views. Promote it on your social networks.
  • · A video can only be submitted for participation in the promotion once.


Fill out an application for participation in this form


What must be present in the video is required:

  • · You should comment that just for holding the HODU coin get a reward of 9% for the purchases and sales that are in the ecosystem.
  • · That the rewards are received directly into the wallet automatically.
  • · Show how the purchase process is in Pancakeswap. It doesn't have to be your first purchase. But the amount of the prize will be the amount of HODU tokens that you have bought when making the video.
  • Use the words: HODU and HODLersUnited in the title and description.


Prize for Youtube Video:

We will send you an amount equal to the amount you purchased from HODU to your wallet.




Tweet about the HODU currency that contains a mention of @HODU_coin and the hashtags #HODU and #HODlersUnited (you can also add any other hashtags you want, for example #crypto or #BSCGem ...).

  • You must have at least 100 followers on Twitter

Fill out an application for participation in this form


Prize for post Twitter:

We are going to send you 200,000,000 HODU coin to your wallet (IMPORTANT: this amount can change at any time as the value of the token increases).


Video Example